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A world of exclusive privileges and personalised service awaits you.


Designed to meet your evolving needs, HSBC Jade gives you preferential experiences and priority service wherever you bank with us, giving you exceptional support for all your domestic and international banking needs.

As an HSBC Jade client you will benefit from the support of our most qualified financial and lifestyle experts, advanced wealth management solutions and preferential pricing and services, along with a world of exclusive lifestyle privileges.

Your dedicated team

People are the cornerstone of excellent customer service, as a Jade client your specially appointed Jade relationship manager and a team of multi-disciplinary specialists are dedicated to understanding your unique challenges and goals and support you however you may need.

To enable Jade relationship managers to continually develop their skills and deliver exceptional service for you, The Jade Academy, a world-class training programme was created. A bespoke suite of learning tools built by renowned educators to empower and teach the HSBC Jade community. It represents our continued investment in Jade employees, ensuring they build their skills to continue to help you navigate and stay on top of economic developments.

Dynamic wealth management solutions

HSBC Jade combines a range of carefully crafted investment solutions and exclusive products, with access to tools and expertise. This enables you to grow and protect your wealth while supporting your evolving needs and aspirations. From your day-to-day affairs through to yours and your family's long term goals, our flagship range of investment solutions and digital platforms is designed to meet your individual needs.

Helping you take advantage of new opportunities and trends, HSBC Jade gives you access to bespoke global and local wealth insights to support you in developing your individual wealth management strategy.

Superior service & preferential product offerings

Combining extraordinary service and a deep understanding of your needs, we aim to support you wherever you are in the world, whatever the time.

In addition to the committed Jade team, you will also have access to our exclusive Jade centres around the world providing you an environment of comfort and privacy when managing your banking. For service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can call our dedicated Jade hotlines for immediate and convenient service1.

We understand your aspirations extend beyond borders. We're here to give you unparalleled support for all your international needs. Jade Passport2 gives existing Jade clients in Asia access to select Jade products, preferential rates and an enhanced level of service across all Jade markets in Asia, without needing to meet the local eligibility requirements. 

Your lifestyle experiences

Unlock the door to a world of extraordinary opportunities. As an HSBC Jade client, you can enjoy an extensive range of exclusive lifestyle benefits courtesy of the HSBC Jade concierge service, as well as exceptional offers from our exclusive luxury partners and invites to private events.

Our HSBC Jade concierge service offers you access, advice and assistance for a range of tailored money-can't buy experiences and lifestyle benefits. Brand partners are carefully selected to offer you bespoke rewards and meaningful experiences to enrich every part of your life.

Ready to open a Jade account?

HSBC Jade is a privileged and personalised service for clients who maintain a minimum Total Relationship Balance of USD 1 million with HSBC. Eligibility criteria may vary slightly by market.

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Additional information:

1 Jade hotline may not be available in your market.  In markets where the Jade hotline does not exist you will receive priority service on our 24 hour customer service line.

2 Currently not available in all markets.  Jade passport is offered in mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore.