Relocating to a new place

With our extensive network and local expertise around the world, we're ready to help you settle down at your destination.

Important update – we’re temporarily changing the way we work because of COVID-19. We’re focusing more on supporting vulnerable customers, key workers or those facing financial difficulties. With this in mind we are not able to operate our International Account Opening Service as normal and ask customers for their patience. We appreciate your understanding whilst we do our best to adapt our ways of working as the situation continues to evolve.

Planning your move

Stepping into the unknown can be a big leap. We'll guide you through with our local knowledge as you start to explore and learn about the new culture.


How we can help you

Our Expat Explorer Survey gives a glimpse of what international life is like and helps you understand what it feels like to be abroad.

Our Country and Territory Guides offer practical advice on what to expect and how you could prepare for the move.

Moving with your children?

Living in a new country inspires people to explore and be adventurous. Find out more on Expat Family to see what new opportunities you and your family will have with this exciting experience.

Looking for a job?

Browse Expat Cities to see what people think is the best thing about the city they live in across culture, work, life and leisure, and see which place suits you the most.

Looking for property abroad?

Our Global Real Estate report gives you an overview of the property market of different cities that you may be interested in - whether it's for finding a home or overseas investment.

Managing your home account from abroad?

Our Personal Internet Banking and Global View Global Transfer allow you to easily manage HSBC accounts wherever and whenever you want.

Ready to open your overseas account?


What we also offer

  • Open an account at your destination. Find out more
  • Set up debit cards, credit cards and online banking ahead of time
  • Transfer credit history to your destination
  • Real-time transfers with Global View Global Transfer

Let us help you further

Opening an overseas account 

Whether you are moving to a new place or interested in investing overseas, we're here to broaden your horizons to make sure you don't miss opportunities elsewhere.

Moving your finances globally 

No matter where you go, we'll make sure managing finances and trading currencies are easy and straightforward.

Planning your mortgage 

Whether you're buying a new home or adding international property to your investment portfolio, we'll keep you ahead of others with new global possibilities.

Preparing for overseas education 

From planning to funding education overseas, we'll help you secure the best opportunities for your children.