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The Global Indian Pulse

Our new report takes a closer look at the impact of global Indians, the world's largest international diaspora.
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The Global Indian Pulse is based on interviews with over 4,150 global Indians in nine different markets, making this one of the largest studies focusing on the global Indian diaspora.

The report documents the lives and experiences of global Indians in their new countries, and explores how these 30 million+ individuals feel about their heritage, their connection to India, and how the pandemic has impacted them. It also looks into investment habits, feelings on sustainability and plans for the future.

Is India a place, or a culture?
Tied by tradition and future, festivals and food; discover the hearts and minds of the world's largest international diaspora.

Key findings from Non-resident Indians (NRIs) we spoke to

69 percent

69% visited India at least once every two years before the pandemic. 73% believe the pandemic has made them feel closer to friends and family in India.

Family or Food?

69% of first generation NRIs say they miss family more than anything else. For third generation NRIs however, it's food: 42% say that's what they miss most.


1/3 want to return to India and use their skills to bring about change.

Hear from the experts
We worked closely with some of the world's leading academics and experts on the Indian diaspora to create The Global Indian Pulse. Check out our video with Professor Bridget Anderson, Professor Jaideep Prabhu and Dr Ruben Gowricharn as they provide insight to our research.
Thoughts from our CEO of Wealth and Personal Banking, Nuno Matos
Hear our views on the significance of the global Indian community as the largest international diaspora in the world, and why we commissioned this report.

More key findings

76 percent

76% say environmental or social initiatives are a key part of investment decisions. Skills development, recycling, solar/wind power generation and electric cars are their top choices.

9 out of 10

9/10 of NRIs who have no plans to move to India still stay connected through cultural festivities and food.

39 percent

39% say they plan to live in India in the future, but want to retire in their current country of residence.

Stories from global Indians

Staying connected
Here's how three global Indians are staying connected to their roots back home.

We spoke to Indians around the world to hear about the strength and importance of their connections to India.

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The Reports

The Global Indian Pulse

Download the global edition of our Global Indian Pulse Report 2021.

Find out how much of the overseas Indian experience is universal, and how it differs from region to region.

Download the local editions of The Global Indian Pulse to see how NRIs in the UK, UAE, Singapore, and US responded to our questions.