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International banking

Discover all the ways to move money around the world, from sending money abroad to transfers between your global HSBC accounts and more.

Smarter, faster ways to send money globally

Whether you want to support loved ones abroad, hold and convert multiple currencies or need to bank across multiple destinations, we make it easy to manage your money around the world. 

Manage, send and spend across borders

Send money internationally

  • Send payments in up to 60+ currencies in over 200 countries and regions from any of your HSBC accounts[@isw-gmt-debiting-accounts]. Some non-HSBC fees may apply
  • Make instant[@isw-gmt-instant-transfers] global transfers from our mobile app

Bank in multiple countries or regions

  • Link your global HSBC accounts and manage them online in one place
  • Transfer up to USD200,000 per day between your accounts, or the currency equivalent, with no fees
  • Access real-time rates and set up instant, future or recurring transfers between your accounts

Manage your money in multiple currencies

  • Save, spend and convert money like a local with our multi-currency accounts
  • Move your money worldwide in online banking and our mobile banking app, with real-time exchange rates
  • Make international investments

Enjoy all the benefits of worldwide banking

Simply select your current location and where you would like to open an account. We'll then walk you through the steps. 

Useful resources

Organising your accounts before you move is not just about meeting your daily banking needs. It's also financially prudent.
Domestic and international transfer terms vary by country and region. Here's a few you may come across when sending money abroad.
Here's a checklist for a worry-free overseas money transfer experience every time.

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