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HSBC Premier

Premier banking experience across the world, for you and your loved ones

Premium international banking for you and your family

The HSBC Premier bank account is designed to give you and your family a range of banking services, wealth management and international solutions with the Premier difference.

From exclusive privileges, global benefits and access to a Relationship Manager - Premier is here to let you live without limits. Plus, your Premier status is recognised in 29 HSBC locations.

How HSBC Premier can help you

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Everyday Premier privileges

Access to exclusive benefits1 that provide you and your family with a premium banking experience:

  • Priority servicing and Premier Relationship Manager

  • Support from wealth specialists to grow your family's wealth

  • Family benefits and rewards2

  • Lifestyle offers and exclusive partnerships

  • Premier Contact Centre available 24/7

International services and solutions

With support throughout your international journey, you and your family can bank with us from anywhere in the world.

  • Overseas account opening support prior to your arrival

  • Worldwide Premier status - automatically qualify for Premier wherever you bank with us

  • Global View of all your Premier accounts in one place with fee-free and instant transfers between them

  • Fee-free cash withdrawals from all HSBC ATMs globally

  • Foreign currency account with preferential FX rates and no conversion fees

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Support for studying abroad

You always want the best for your children, especially when it comes to their education. By opening a Premier account for them, you can share your privileges whilst providing priceless learning experience abroad.

  • Premier account opened prior to arrival in the new country/region

  • Fee-free transfers between your account and your child's

  • Complimentary education consultations and placement tests with our education partners

  • Emergency cash at any HSBC branch

What our Premier customers are saying

"HSBC Premier makes banking so much easier for me and my family even though we're all over the world."

Rachel, Senior Consultant
United States

"My son is studying in the UK and his Premier account and debit card were ready before he landed."

Thomas, Entrepreneur 

"When you live in many countries your finances get complicated. I love Global View because it shows all my Premier accounts globally and I can make transfers in seconds."

Melanie, Account Director 
United Kingdom

Want to learn more about HSBC Premier?

If you'd like an overseas account

Leave your details on our quick form. We'll get in touch on your preferred time and date to answer your questions and help you open an overseas account.

Learn more about the overseas account opening process, documents you may need and any fees.

If you'd like a local account

Learn more about HSBC Premier in your country/region and find out how to apply.

Explore more from HSBC Premier

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All benefits listed on this page are subject to HSBC Premier customers meeting the eligibility criteria in at least one of the markets. 

2 Subject to local availability.