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Graduate resources

Whether you've decided to settle in your host country or return home after finishing a stint abroad, there's a lot to consider once you graduate. Our resources are designed to help you make the most of this time.

Returning home from a study abroad

It may take a little time to readjust, especially if you've been gone a while. Get reacquainted with loved ones, sort your accommodation, and contemplate your next move. Most importantly, organise your finances for a smooth transition home.

Why bank with HSBC back home?

  • Organise your banking in advance
    Start the account opening application prior to departure and access our full banking services once you arrive.
  • Access global banking on the go
    Conveniently link, view and manage your worldwide accounts, online in one place, for easy 24/7 access.
  • Transfer funds between your worldwide accounts
    Make the most of exchange rates by planning your money transfers and you'll have cash flow to cover the expenses of settling in.

Get started with international banking

Need to open an account?

Our global network spans more than 30 countries and regions, including mainland China, the UK, Canada, the US, and Hong Kong SAR. Find out more about the types of accounts and services available in your destination.

Countries and regions

Already have an HSBC account?

You can open an overseas account through your local HSBC International Banking Centre before you move, online, or once you've arrived at your destination.

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Chat with one of our advisers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to open an overseas account?

We can tell you the best way for you to apply for an overseas account. Simply select your current location and where you would like to open an account. We'll then walk you through the steps.

Learn more about the overseas account opening process, documents you may need and any fees.