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Credit cards for global citizens

We provide credit cards to fit your international lifestyle

Moving internationally and thinking about your credit history?

It can be a hassle to apply for a credit card when you move abroad and can't bring your credit history with you. At HSBC, we recognise this challenge and want to help.

How we can help when you move abroad

Help build your financial footprint in another country or region

Having a credit card in your new destination can help you build a positive credit history. This can make it easier to rent a home, get a car or make major purchases.

Recognise your existing relationship

Your history with us matters. As an HSBC Premier customer, we'll recognise your existing relationship with us should you wish to apply for a credit card.

This service is available for Premier customers arriving in AustraliaHong Kong SAR, India, Singapore, the UAE, UK and USA.

Access your international credit history

HSBC, with support of our partner Nova Credit, have created a secure digital process that allows customers to share their credit history from certain countries and regions. This service is integrated into our Credit Card application, enabling customers' credit history to be accessed and passed across digitally without the effort of them having to go and request their report manually. Just one way we aim to support our international customers by enabling a slicker and quicker experience. This service is available in Singapore and United Kingdom, and being expanded to more markets soon.

Get ready for your international move

Already bank with us?

We offer a range of HSBC credit cards around the world[@isw-newcomers-credit-cards-eligibility].

Middle East

Need an overseas account?

Simply select your current location and where you would like to open an account. We'll then walk you through the steps.

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