Preparing for overseas education

From planning to funding education overseas, we'll help you secure the best opportunities for your children.

Paving the way for your children's future

When it comes to the growth and development of your children, you'll always want to give them the best education with careful planning. We're here to give you peace of mind with our experts around the world to provide you and your family with personalised banking services.

How we can help you with our global network

Open an account for your child ahead of time

You can pre-open an account abroad and we can have your child's ATM card ready ahead of time before the move.

Instant money transfers for free

You can transfer money near real-time to your child at any time and from anywhere with Global Transfer, and manage your worldwide accounts with one single log-on with Global View. If you're our Premier customer, the transfers will be free of charge.

Premier for your children's account

If you're our Premier customer, your child will enjoy the same level of privileges and emergency support.

Helping your children in case of emergency

Exclusive for our Premier customers, in case of any emergency or accident, your child will have access to cash advances at any of our branches around the world.

Newcomers program for international students

Available in some countries and regions, your children can apply for credit cards with no income proof or credit history required.

How we can support you throughout the journey

How to get started?

Considering where your child could study will impact what you need to prepare and also give you a good goal to focus on. Let's start by understanding the main reasons for studying abroad. It may be one of or a combination of the following:

  • Experiencing a particular country or region
  • Attending a particular school or university
  • Getting a job in a particular industry after studying
  • Getting a job in a particular country or region after studying
  • Being close to family or friends abroad

Then, explore a few potential places to study that suit the criteria and encourage your child to start working towards them.

If you’re an HSBC Premier customer, we have professional education consultants who can help with everything from selecting the right school to applications for enrolment.

What are the potential costs for studying abroad?

A study by HSBC found that on average students spend USD34,657 over the course of their degree. That’s a fair amount to save up for - which also implies the earlier you start, the more prepared you are. The study also found that almost half of the parents funding their children’s university education wished they’d started saving earlier.

You may have to make some sacrifices to reach your saving goals, or you could look at borrowing money. If you do decide to borrow, the more you’re able to save will help minimise the amount you have to borrow and any interest you’ll have to pay.

Ready to open an overseas account?


Let us help you further

Opening an overseas account 

Whether you are moving to a new place or interested in investing overseas, we're here to broaden your horizons to make sure you don't miss opportunities elsewhere.

Moving your finances globally 

No matter where you go, we'll make sure managing finances and trading currencies are easy and straightforward.

Planning your mortgage 

Whether you're buying a new home or adding international property to your investment portfolio, we'll keep you ahead of others with new global possibilities.

Relocating to a new place 

With our extensive network and local expertise around the world, we're ready to help you settle down at your destination.