Preparing for overseas education

From planning to funding education overseas, we'll help you secure the best opportunities for your children.

Planning your children's education

When it comes to the growth and development of your children, you'll always want to give them the best education with careful planning. We're here to give you peace of mind with our experts around the world to provide you and your family with personalised banking services.


How we can help you

Open your overseas account ahead of time

We'll have your children's account ready in their destination before they arrive - plus set up local banking services to ensure a smooth transition. Find out more

Manage finances across the world

Our multi-currency accounts make it easy for you and your children to make transactions no matter where you are.

Newcomers program for international students

Available in some countries and territories, your children can apply for credit cards with no income proof or credit history required.


If you're our Premier customer, we also offer:

  • Global View Global Transfer

    Manage your worldwide HSBC accounts with one single log-on, and make fee-free real-time transfers

    to your children's account whenever you want.

  • Premier for your children's account

    Your children will be able to enjoy the same level of privileges and emergency support.

  • Emergency encashment service

    In case of any emergency or accident, you and your family will have access to cash advances at any

    of our branches around the world.


If you're from China and you plan to send your children to study abroad, here's what we also offer:

  • HSBC International Education Payment

    Manage payments to verified educational institutions in an easy, quick and secured way

    View our live exchange rates to pay whenever you want

  • StudentCare insurance (for students studying in the US)

    Comprehensive international student health insurance coverage benefits in the US and during travels

    outside the country

    First class medical network in and outside of the US

Ready to open an overseas account?


Let us help you further

Opening an overseas account 

Whether you are moving to a new place or interested in investing overseas, we're here to broaden your horizons to make sure you don't miss opportunities elsewhere.

Moving your finances globally 

No matter where you go, we'll make sure managing finances and trading currencies are easy and straightforward.

Planning your mortgage 

Whether you're buying a new home or adding international property to your investment portfolio, we'll keep you ahead of others with new global possibilities.

Relocating to a new place 

With our extensive network and local expertise around the world, we're ready to help you settle down at your destination.