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A better way to send money home

Move your UK earnings overseas with instant, fee-free transfers

With HSBC accounts in more than one country, you can transfer money in seconds. No more wondering if your money's arrived yet. No more fees. No more hassle.

Here's what you can do:

  • make instant fee-free transfers
  • see your pounds sterling and other currencies side by side
  • get competitive real-time exchange rates
  • set up recurring and future-dated transfers

4 steps to better money transfers

global icon for step 1 of better money transfers

Step 1

Open an HSBC account in the country you want to move money to and set up online banking

online banking icon for step 2 of better money transfers

Step 2

Log on to UK online banking and connect your accounts using Global View and Global Transfers

transfer icon for step 3 of better money transfers

Step 3

Access real-time rates and make instant transfers

payments & transfer icon for step 4 of better money transfers

Step 4

Use your local account to make onward payments and transfers

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No matter where you go, we'll make sure managing finances and trading currencies are easy and straightforward.

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