Expat Explorer paints a picture of growing global confidence

"For 14 years, HSBC has commissioned Expat Explorer: the longest-running survey that examines the lives of those who relocate abroad. The 2021 study is the broadest look at expat living to date, with expats from a record-breaking 46 countries and regions sharing their views.


Helping our customers understand, navigate and succeed in an increasingly globalised world is at the heart of everything we do, as we strive to support those living abroad."


Cameron Senior, Interim Head of HSBC Expat

63 percent

63% have seen their disposable income increase since moving abroad.

9 percent

Only 9% of expats have had help from a financial adviser.

52 percent

Expats find their finances complex to manage, 52% of these say this is due to their tax situation.

60 percent

60% say that saving for retirement is one of their top 3 goals.