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The HSBC Quality of Life Report

Discover the latest global insights and trends that are driving change in financial fitness, physical wellness and mental wellness.

Are you living well?

The HSBC Quality of Life Report interviewed over 2,250 individuals across 9 different markets to understand what they consider to be a good quality of life.

The report uncovers the connections and balance between physical and mental wellness with financial fitness and how they differ between generations.

It also explores 4 main priorities shaping how people plan and prepare for their short, medium, and long-term life goals.

How do you see your wealth balance?

People are rethinking wealth and measuring it by how it can improve their quality of life. Discover the latest insights and trends reshaping life priorities around the world.

Key findings from study participants

A graph showing the value that participants attached to mental, physical and financial dimensions of wealth including: 28% for physical wellness, 19% for mental wellness, 17% for financial wellness, 14% for emotional wellness, 10% for spiritual wellness, 7% or material success and 5% for community engagement.

What is Quality of Life?

Quality of Life is a concept that includes dimensions such as physical wellness, mental and emotional wellness and financial fitness.
A graph showing the Quality of Life Index score across 9 countries. The average quality of life score is 75 with Singapore scoring 68 and India scoring 80.

Quality of Life Index by market

HSBC measured Quality of Life in 9 markets based on physical, mental and financial factors. The average Quality of Life Index across the 9 markets is 75. See how the markets break down above.
Infographic highlighting that participants who are financially fit are 4.3× more likely to be mentally well. Those who are physically well are 9.3× more likely to be mentally well.

The relationship between mental, physical and financial

Our study also uncovered interesting correlations between mental, physical and financial factors.
Infographic showing what level of preparation individuals have made towards their future, e.g. 44% have executed a will or succession plan, 35% have created an inventory of material wealth.

Looking ahead

The report further dives into the importance of retirement and future planning for an overall better Quality of Life. Future-proofing is being considered from a more holistic perspective since people are looking beyond the traditional means of preparation.

Four global priorities

Infographic showing the reasons that millennials, Gen X and boomers work after retirement - 70% do so to stay engaged and active whilst 58% do so to increase financial security.

1. Retirement: a new chapter

Attitudes about retirement are changing with people defining retirement according to their life goals. Pursuing a good Quality of Life in retirement means increasingly blurred lines between work, leisure and purpose.
Infographic showing participants' priorities across generations - 58% prioritise preparing for unexpected events whilst 56% see transferring wealth to the next generation as important.

2. Protecting our loved ones

Spending time with family was ranked a top priority for a good Quality of Life. Across the board, ensuring sufficient protection to remain financially resilient is equally as important.
The chart displays the top 10 relocation destinations, with the USA being the primary choice, followed by Canada and Australia.

3. Relocating for a better life

People are looking beyond borders to pursue a better Quality of Life - 1 in 4 plan to relocate at some point to achieve a better quality of life while another quarter are already considering it as part of their goals.
Graph showing percentage of participants across generations who plan their legacy.

4. Legacy planning

It's more than wealth transfer. People nowadays even consider passing on family values, traditions, and culture to heirs or preparing the next generation to take on leadership roles in family and business.

The HSBC Quality of Life Report

Download the global edition of the HSBC Quality of Life Report.