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Student in a maze deciding which direction to go in; image used for HSBC international services 5 reasons to study abroad.

5 reasons to study abroad

An international education is about much more than classrooms and textbooks. You'll gain a unique personal and academic perspective when studying and living abroad. It fosters independence, self-reliance and a confidence that prepares you well for your career and life ahead.

If you're thinking about whether studying abroad is right for you, here's 5 good reasons why it might be the best thing you could do.

1. Improve your language skills

Studies show that learning a second language can expand career opportunities and earn you a higher salary. There are also cognitive benefits, you'll develop more compassion and empathy for different cultures, and you'll increase your chances of adventure (and maybe love). Go for it!

2. Increase your employability

If you speak another language, you'll stand out among the other candidates. Employers also value those who prove themselves to be comfortable with different cultures and adaptable in diverse situations. You might come back with not only a new language, but also alternate problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

3. Travel the world and make meaningful connections

If studying abroad is your first experience of life away from home, expect to come away with much more than an international education. You'll discover new cultures, languages and cuisine, and you'll make lifelong friends from around the world. Almost 100% of the respondents in an HSBC poll said studying abroad had a positive and long-lasting impact on their lives.

4. Become independent

Living internationally requires to you to become independent and self-reliant. With each challenge you face, you'll grow stronger, more capable and open minded, and return with a new sense of confidence. Around 85% of international students surveyed by HSBC said they'd gained new skills and became a stronger person after studying in another country.

5. Think globally

Studying abroad prepares you for the real world. Get comfortable in a multicultural environment and you'll be ready for a global career. It's not until you learn about how the world works outside of your familiar surroundings that you'll gain a whole new level of global and cultural understanding. 

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