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Global tax guides

Our guides will help you navigate the complexities of taxes around the world.

Helping you navigate through global tax

Tax laws are ever-changing and, in most jurisdictions, increasing in complexity year on year.

Our partner EY1 and its global team of tax professionals have put together easy-to-understand tax guides and FAQs to help HSBC customers self-navigate their taxes. For those with more complex tax filings, EY offers a choice of tax advisory and compliance services.

Need an overseas account?

Make your life easier when you manage your money abroad.

Tax guides

Explore resources provided by EY detailing the global tax rates, tax exemptions, and rules and requirements in markets around the world.

Further tax resources

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We explain offshore accounts and the potential benefits of holding money overseas.


Your tax obligations and everyday banking can change significantly when you move.


Sending money abroad? Here's a checklist for a worry-free money transfer experience every time.

Important information

Country and region tax guides and FAQs are provided by our partner, EY, for general information purposes. They are subject to change without notice and are not binding on any authority. Tax rules vary in each country and region. It's the customers' responsibilities to disclose their income to the authorities in countries or regions where they have tax obligations, and to comply with the relevant legislations. HSBC does not accept any responsibility for tax services provided by EY and any information and work product from EY acted on by you will be at your own risk. HSBC does not provide tax or legal advice and customers should seek professional advice from their tax advisor.


1 Formerly known as Ernst & Young. Please note that HSBC customers are under no obligation to use EY for tax services.

2 On referral, you'll become a customer of EY and subject to terms and conditions that you agree with them for their services. EY is independent of HSBC and HSBC will have no liability for the services provided by EY.